Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You're Going to Look Like Cooked Spaghetti

by: the Admiral

Once or twice in a generation (& 275 times during the 80s) a film comes along that speaks to a man, no, all mankind, on a deeply almost spiritual level. Watching these films brings a visceral reaction of joy, introspection, and contentment. Well, the torch has been passed. Citizen Kane --> Casablanca --> Goonies, and now Kevin from Mr. Belvedere in the DBSF world premiere of ‘You’re Going to Look Like Cooked Spaghetti.”

I won’t say anything else because words can’t do this film justice. Enjoy!


  1. Please let's not forget about any of the "Breakin" movies. Check this fight scene out. Skip to 5:10 and watch.

  2. Drew,
    You must have only recently started reading the DBSF blog or would have realized that I don't need to go to Youtube to watch Breakin'. Breakin' was released in 1984, therefore just like every other 80s movie I have it on BetaMax, VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, BluRay, the new Sony 3D television, and some new technology that just came out today.