Thursday, July 8, 2010

Impossible, Hopeless, Insurmountable, etc . . .

This battle of good v. evil/ prone v. supine reminds DBSF of early on in the Marines' ad where the guy has to climb some giant rock beast in swirling winds and fire coming from nowhere. It's like just minutes earlier DBSF watched Doug Brien bring the Jets (so, this is like a few years ago) to a 3-3 tie with the Bengals in the third quarter and, all of a sudden he can't pull himself from the couch to take a mid-commercial piss because the aforementioned rock monster might destroy this seemingly helpless attacker-cum-climber who was usually garbed in a wife beater and a crew-cut (if DBSF was more perceptive he would have caught on to the Armed Forces' subtle marketing techniques here) . . . .


  1. does this remind anyone else of smith trying to get up from a particularly epic nap?

  2. JES is constrained by constrictive sheets as much as he is by his shoulders.