Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beach Tattoos

Upon finishing his assignment at the Ocean City Convention Center, DBSF couldn't help but notice the high number of "beach tattoos" across town. Beach tattoos differ from normal tattoos (which are typically well done, relevant, and not a symbol for a drug) in that beach tattoos are received before the age of 16 (and, thus, illegally), appear to have the craftsmanship of spastic child, and are always regretted by 17 and a half years young. With that DBSF thought it appropriate to list the five most questionable beach tattoos that he encountered this week.

1. Halluceginic Mushrooms
2. Flaming skull on neck (because at 30 that just screams "employ me")
3. The phrase "Only God Can Judge Me" (bull sh*t DBSF is judging you from his beach chair right now)
4. Dragons not breathing fire (Why the F would somebody get a dragon tattoo and not have it breathing fire, perhaps the second coolest attribute of a dragon next to its razor sharp tail?)
5. Weed leaf on the inner forearm


  1. some dragons rely on magic, not fire.

  2. Let us not forget about the beach "311" tattoo.