Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ocean City Dodge Neon Expo, Day Deux

It's day two of the Dodge Neon Expo at the Ocean City Convention Center and DBSF is still yet to make it inside. With all of the Insane Clown Posse related entertainment, and energy drink give aways it is likely that DBSF won't make it in until tomorrow's third and final day.

For today, DBSF had an interview set up with Trent Judd, the president of the North American Dodge Neon Association, but shortly before the interview was to take place DBSF learned from the waitress at IHOP that Trent had been arrested the prior evening for transporting a Costco delivery sized shipment of Nyquil.

In Trent's place DBSF interviewed Tracee, Trent's gf or friend or business colleague. Tracee declined to give her last name on account of what DBSF believes is Tracee not wanting to get connected to Trent's mass expungement of antihistamine's.

The 4 minute interview went something like this: Tracee asked DBSF for menthol cigarettes. DBSF informed Tracee of his nonsmoking; Tracee informs DBSF that she only smokes menthol's as if that would magically make DBSF have a cigarette.

Tracee wears a black Randy Moss Oakland Raiders jersey that hangs to her knees. She uses the kind of deep, dark purple lipstick that to everyone else classifies as black. Tracee calls it fuscia. Curled mid forehead bangs are prominent; as is the forearm tattoo of Tweety Bird and the word "Bubi" in a slanted cursive that makes you think she gave herself the tattoo.

When asked to provide any insight on this year's expo or to compare it to the prior year's events she disregards the question as if nothing was said, and she asks for a ride to Greg's (presumably in the car one learns directions to Greg's). DBSF believes Tracee also stole the $1.45 tip he left for the waitress at IHOP when he went to the bathroom.

So that's dat two from Ocean City. Look forward to tomorrow's final day where DBSF actually drives a non Plymouth Neon.

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