Friday, July 16, 2010

Tracy McGrady to Clippers/ Evian Ships Water to Flood Victims

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the LA Clippers are interested in acquiring the perpetually injured Tracy McGrady to shore up the bench scoring they lost when Travis Outlaw signed with the Nets. Sending one of the worst players (McGrady) from one of the worst teams (the Knicks) to Sports' worst franchise (the Clippers) is like offering a burn victim an all expense paid trip to Cancun.

Rather than intersperse his prose with other witticisms on the disaster of combining the futility of Tracy McGrady with the impotency of the LA Clippers, DBSF will resort to SAT style analogies. TMac : Clippers :: Contents of Charlie Sheen's Glove Compartment : Lindsay Lohan ; TMac : Clippers :: Another + or :) sign on an EPT Home Pregnancy Test : Jon Gosselin.

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  1. From TMacs Wiki page - McGrady has four children—daughters Layla Clarice, Laycee Aloe, and sons Laymen Lamar, Layden—with his wife CleRenda Harris.

    I had a joke, I'm not even going to tell a joke, it's like beating up a cripple.