Friday, July 2, 2010

An Off-Season of Penny Hardaway Contracts?

With Bron Bron, Bosh, and D-Wade head-lining the list of superstar free agents, the media has been a buzz of potential super-teams a la a the Celtics' Big Three, or of basketball's biggest name joining hip-hop's biggest name in America's biggest city.

Thus far none of this has materialized as most of the big names seem intent on hollywooding their long line of suitors. What has materialized however, are several questionable contracts offered to players who either outright don't deserve them, or will have to considerably increase their performance to merit their high pay.

Already Rudy Gay has signed a max deal with the Grizzlies for $81.6 million over 5 years. This is the same Gay, who in his fourth season was down from his peak year, his second, and was only a +6 for all of last year. There are also rumors that the Hawks will resign Joe Johnson to a max deal of $125 million over 6 years, which would mean--based on the structure of the contract--Johnson would receive $30 million in the final year of his contract at 34 years old.

Not that $30 mil for 34 year old two-guards who need to shoot the ball 20 times to be effective is unreasonable, but for a guy who makes AROD look like Reggie Jackson in the post season 9 figures over 6 years is how-you-say a little too "Gilbertish" for DBSF's liking.

Other questionable murmurings: Richard Jefferson is expecting a multi-year contract at $8-$10 million a year (DBSF says half that and sign him), and the TWolves signed Darko to a 4 year, $20 million dollar deal (this represents "case and point" as to how Minnesota institutes a culture of losing).

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