Thursday, July 1, 2010

C'mon Lacrosse

DBSF takes a lot of heat for associating lacrosse with other quasi-sport-activities, like skateboarding and darts. Lacoste golf shirted and boat shoe wearing bros are all "fastest game on two feet, bro."

Then lacrosse goes and does something like this and make DBSF question whether he overestimated the function by associating it with darts. (If you've ever seen a Tony O'Shea v. Scott Waites battle you'd understand DBSF's affinity for darts.)

The Washington Post is reporting that former UMD men's lax coach, Dave Cottle, is a finalist for the same position at Harvard. A problem arises in that Harvard's coach, John Tillman, (from last season!) just took Cottle's job with the Terps.

In what other sport do two coaches switch jobs in the same off season? Sure you see the same faces show up on the coaching carousel from the small pool of the NBA and MLB coaching cadres, but swapping teams in the same off-season? Work with DBSF here lacrosse?

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