Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Under the Radar Summer Classic

Upon holidaying in the Outer Banks, DBSF came across an old VHS tape of Maniac Cop 3. He felt it appropriate to shed light on a piece of cinema, that to DBSF at least, had fallen under the movie radar.

The premise for the "immensely popular" movie (back cover's words not DBSF's) is essentially that a "master of occult magic ... returns from the dead to stalk the self serving doctors and corrupt politicians who should be helping officer Kate Sullivan" who is in a coma. Basic stuff.

Although DBSF hasn't had a chance to view the film he was impressed by the movie's tag line of "You can't keep a good corpse down." Apparently Blockbuster video was equally impressed as the sale sticker on the back states that the market value of a used version of the tape in September 1995 was $19.98.

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