Monday, July 19, 2010

Ocean City Dodge Neon Expo, Day Un

DBSF is on location this week at the Delmar seashore covering the twelfth annual Dodge Neon Expo at the Ocean City Convention Center. For those not in the know, the virtually identical Plymouth Neon is in fact excluded from exhibition on account of its marginally smaller rear window which prevents Neon owners from decorating their autos with additional racing or engine type stickers, like "Summit Racing" or "Edelbrock Performance Exhaust" or "No Fear".

Thus far in the expo DBSF has learned that WWF is now called WWE, that the music groups Stained and Puddle of Mud are still touring, and that apparently it has become kosher, at least in parts of Pennsylvania, for a twenty five year old man, albeit with an awesome (Dodge not Plymouth, of course) Neon, to date an eleven year old girl, er woman, pardon DBSF gentleman with the racing stripped Neon and t-shirt with women in thongs playing poker with the phrase "All In, All the Time" suggestively sprayed across its back.

More to come from DBSF this week from 109th Street in Ocean City.

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