Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer's Deathgrip on Sports

Most people accept that the sports world goes into some bizarre, reverse hibernation come July, with the exception of MLB and WNBA (so basically all of sports). By the time football season rolls around, sports fans are so amped for action that they usually fail to notice things, like the seasons changing and days shortening. Today's Delmarva version of the Washington Post Sports' section best illustrates the conundrum.

Of the four cover stories one is about the Nationals' previous game, one is about somebody maybe returning to the DC United (since when was it okay to report anything more than scores on the back page for MLS?), one looks at the market for football magazines (you cannot honestly expect DBSF to believe that this piece wasn't written three years ago and had a yellow sticky on it with the words "summer filler", and had been waiting to get either recycled, or made a July story in the event of no football players getting arrested or failing drug tests), and the last is about and DBSF quotes "sexual misconduct policies in local and national swimming organizations" (this speaks for itself and deserves no snark editorializing). What's next a multiple day feature on that bike ride in France?

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  1. Maybe you are just reading the wrong paper. The College Park Gazette Sports Section had a riveting expose on the Wells Ice Rink Pool and their water walking class for senior citizens.

    It wasn't so much of an expose really. Actually, it wasn't even a story, it was just the schedule for the water walking class.