Friday, July 2, 2010

Apparently You Don't Need a Spleen to Smoke Weed

Titans back-up QB Chris Simms was pulled over for smoking a 'marijuana cigarette' (apparently with wife in car) in NYC. Simms, who is sans-spleen post a devastating hit back in his Tampa Bay Bucs' days, was likely smoking a "joint" and not a "blunt" as this picture offers no indication that this is the type of bro to "blaze a blunt".

It's a sad, sad day for your organization when Boozing Kerry Collins is the most responsible of your team's QB corps. (Starting QB Vince Young, among other indiscretions, got into a fight last month at a strip club--of course--when a patron made a hand sign that Young felt denigrated the University of Texas, his alma mater. Way to settle the dispute Vince . . . in a strip club.)

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