Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MLB All Star Game -- Steroids = Soccer Game

In the five years prior to MLB implementing its drug testing policy, the MLB All Star game averaged 11.4 total (AL & NL) runs per game. In the five years since the drug policy it has averaged 6.4. Last night's 3-1 thriller had the offense of a Germany World Cup match.

Where the heck were Larry Walker or Luis Gonzalez to bash a couple 440 foot home runs? At the very least, DBSF asks for some pre-steroid-free Pudge Rodriguez or Travis Hafner. (That guy, Hafner, on steroids put balls out of the park like he was allowed to tee them up and go to town with a 3 wood. Post steroids, pitchers see him as an offensive threat commensurate to most 160 lbs or less South Korean pitchers.)

Steroids, or the absence of them to be more precise, have become the greatest impediment to MLB All Star game action since WWII. Thus, DBSF requests a moratorium on performance enhancing drugs for the first two weeks of July each season. That way MLB can hope for a game with more hits than strikeouts (this year there were 18 Ks to 13 hits), and ensure that the MVP will be awarded on some accomplishment other than Brian McCann closing his eyes, swinging a bat, and getting a hit off a reliever (Matt Thornton) with a very pedestrian 2.70 ERA.

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