Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not Helping Columbia's "Image"

The AP reported that a man was arrested in Bogota's International Airport last week trying to smuggle cocaine in the form of a World Cup trophy (see image for actual blow-replica). The man mixed acetone or gasoline to mold the cup.

Two thoughts/ questions arise for DBSF. First, this individual is an exceptional (dare DBSF say 'world class') cocaine and gasoline sculptor. Compare his work to the actual trophy. Second, was using acetone or gasoline absolutely (both flammable, toxic liquids) necessary? You mean to tell DBSF that some paper mache or clay or flower, wasn't available?

Presumably this sculptor-cum-mule intended to distribute it for consumption. DBSF has to believe that his clients placed an immediate "downgrade" on his product considering ingesting flammable, toxins fails to correlate well with the tooth-rubbing, mouth-blabbing, non-eating intended effects of the product. As DBSF's Director of Metro Area content pointed out, all this bro did was reinforce (or should DBSF say merge?) two giant stereotypes of Columbia: blow and soccer.

1 comment:

  1. Pick Your Cheesy Comment:

    -He would have gotten away with it if it didn't have that Post-It attached that said "How to evaporate gasoline from cocaine/gasoline sculpture."


    -In my best Henny Youngman voice, "With these rising gasoline prices, they need to learn how to evaporate the cocaine."