Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WTF, Hockey?

As if hockey weren't foreign enough--and DBSF means that both figuratively (restructuring the seeds after each playoff round) and literally (Hal . . Hala . . .Halaka . . Halaga not gonna work here anymore)--the eighth seeded Montreal Canadians (aka, the "Habs", don't ask) have knocked off the defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins in seven games after beating the offensively superior, one-seeded Washington Capitals in the prior series in seven games as well.

DBSF may never understand the icing rule, or how everyone knows when to be subbed into and out of the game but, what the heck ever happened to having the dominant regular season teams work their way through the playoffs to gradually play other dominant teams? In the first round in the East the sixth, seventh, and eighth seeds all won their series (only the fourth seeded Penguins beat a lower seed). The West was a little more respectable with only the fifth and sixth seeds registering upsets in the first round. But, the question must be asked--WTF, Hockey?


  1. nhl hockey aired on oxygen network

  2. If Versus dropped the second period of hockey games that it airs, and in its place ran old Seinfeld episodes I think the viewership would increase exponentially.