Saturday, May 8, 2010

Albert Haynesworth: Still Offended, Still not at Practice

DBSF has had enough of the pundits and bloggers criticizing Redskins' Defensive Tackle Albert Haynesworth for skipping out on the team's first two voluntary mini-camps. Enough. Give the man a break. Let's look at the facts, shall we?

Fact one--practice. We're talking about practice here. We're not talking about games. Mini-camps are practice. We're talking about practice.

Fact two--$32 million. Haynesworth has already received $32 million of the $41 million guaranteed to him in his $100 million contract. That type of money is offensive. It hurts his feelings. Literally. Let the man just stay home, not work out, play Xbox 360, and feed endangered seal meat to his pet Lion with his platinum fishing rod.

Fact three--the 3-4. Haynesworth is being forced to play in the middle on the 3-4. Well, guess what? That sucks. DBSF hates--hates--it when people ask him to play the D-tackle in the 3-4. DBSF recommends that Haynesworth bypass this injustice by faking cramps in his calves and limp off the field every third play. (Then take every fourth series off for exhaustion.)

Give the man a break. What do Skins fans expect? It's not like its a contract year for the man or anything.

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