Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Difficult Apology, Even for a Philadelphian

The AP reported today that the Philadelphia man who was arrested earlier this year for purposely throwing up on another fan and his daughter has pled guilty in exchange for the prosecution to drop more serious charges (

Apparently, the man pulled the trigger in retaliation for the dad and his daughter requesting that the trigger-puller and his buddy stop heckling them. Thank you, Philadelphia.

Drunkenness happens but, DBSF was curious how one apologizes for such an action. It’s likely that the judge or some parental figure made the young man apologize at or around court. There’s always the “sorry I was too drunk”, and even the “had too much to drink, sorry I puked on your shoes”. But, having to incorporate, “sorry I self-induced the vomiting” adds a dimension that probably leads one to some deep introspection.

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  1. I know first hand about apologizing for drunk instances. Sometimes an apology just doesn't cut it and you just have to live on knowing that you are an asshole.