Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nah, I'm Sayin'** Awards -- MLB Edition

In honor on Seis de Mayo, DBSF is announcing his 2010 MLB "Nah' I'm Sayin'" Awards. The distinction goes to the MLB players most likely to start over three-fourths of their sentences (okay, phrases) with "Nah' I'm sayin'". Candidates are judged solely on their pictures on Yahoo! Sports.

#1: Jonny Gomes (Outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds). Gomes likely transitions from all of his Nah' I'm saying's into an incomprehensible aside on his Monte Carlo that he hooked-up.

#2: Troy Tulowitzki (Short stop for the Colorado Rockies). Tulowitzki looks like he's only half-hearted into the Nah' I'm Sayin mien. The image suggests action sports, and the occasional Fox Motocross tee.

#3: Garrett Jones (Right fielder and 1st baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates). Garrett likely follows up most of his Nah', I'm sayin's with "but, nah, nah. Nah I'm sayin' though?"

(** "Nah, I'm Sayin'" is an abbreviated form of "Do you know what I'm saying?" The imperative 'Do you' is dropped 'know what' is combined to form "Nah". 'I'm' stays as is and the 'g' in "saying" is dropped to further indicate the utmost preference for grammatical apathy.)

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