Monday, May 10, 2010

Rajon Rondo--Bamma Straight Friiiiiiieeeed

Eighteen months ago DBSF made a bold statement--Rajon Rondo is a top five NBA point guard. Bammas looked at DBSF like he was Ryan Leaf in a post game interview. Well, DBSF is going to take the madness to the next level. After Rondo's 29-18-13 game last night (which Sportscenter reported has only been achieved in the playoffs by Wilt and Oscar Robertson . . . so, decent company) Rondo is now the second (yes, second) best point guard in the NBA behind Deron Williams.

Dissenters will say DBSF is being impetuous and just reacting to the sensation of a proximate event, like a football fan who believes his or her team is going to the Superbowl because they drafted some highly touted rookie QB (note: when it's Tebow there is some supernatural basis to this prognostication).

But, when you consider Rondo's phenomenal defense, ability to Tony Parker-drive on anyone, and his development as a Jason Kidd-caliber rebounding point guard he deserves to be considered among the NBA's elite. And, should Rajon learn to shoot (and make free throws), he very well could move into number one. So, as of this writing the DBSF top 5 NBA PGs are as follows.

1) Deron Williams
2) Rajon Rondo
3) Russell Westbrook
4) Chris Paul
5) Steve Nash

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