Monday, May 17, 2010

Top 4 Least Loved Sports Figures by DC Sports' Fans in the Last 20 Years

Perpetually a universalist, DBSF acknowledges his PG roots and, thus, at times feels the need to editorialize on the state of DC sports. In a city where one-quarter of football fans root for the home team's arch rival, and where you're as likely to encounter as many grads from California state schools as from the Terps, GTown, and UVA, picking a least loved list is a challenge because of the lack of homogeneity in teams that DC sports' fans cheer for. Regardless, DBSF will give it a go:

1. Sydney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins)--The one thing Washington sports' fans can agree on is that as long as the Capitals win the President's Trophy then they are all Caps fans. There is no more a despised player by Cap's fans (and non-Western Pennsylvanian US hockey fans for that matter) than Syd the Kid.

2. JJ Redick (Duke Blue Devils)--Technically Redick plays for the Orlando Magic but if you don't watch the NBA regularly, you wouldn't know that. Redick would surpass Crosby many times over if more DC sports fans cheered for the Terps.

3. ARod (NY Yankees)--Prior to 5 years ago most DC sports' fan that cheered for baseball--and who weren't in the city to get a law degree--rooted for the Orioles. While the Yanks claim the BoSox as their arch rival, O's fans (as exhibited by the high presence of "Yankees Suck" tee shirts) hold a quasi 1980's Bulls-Pistons hatred for the Bronx Bombers. Although Jeter might be the face of the Yankees, he's too likable. However, no player embodies the haughty extravagance of the New York Yankees than Alex "Lehman Brothers" Rodriguez.

4. Troy Aikman (Dallas Cowboys)--While DBSF takes offense to Aikman for his on-air blabbering with Joe Buck, most DC sports' fans likely associate Aikman with the Cowboy reign of dominance in the 1990's. Aikman didn't do anything in particular that was so abhorrent, but DBSF believes it was much easier to hate him than Emmitt "Touch of Grey" Smith, or Michael Irving (who needs no slight).

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