Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear Rashard Lewis, You’re 6’10”.

The Magic have lost the series. Sure their going to play one, maybe two more games but in reality the Celtics have it Mariano Rivera in the ninth with a three-run lead secure.

Although forward Rashard Lewis isn’t sole responsible for the Magic’s problems (and although he certainly can’t be responsible for Kevin McHale working for the Celtics while also working as GM of the Timberwolves and giving Kevin Garnett to Boston for a pack of cigarettes and some slightly used Hanes wear), Lewis has been masterful in his inefficacy.

In four games, Lewis has taken 34 shots and made 10. Sure everyone has an off-series, but what concerns DBSF is Lewis’s shot selection. Of those 34 he took 16 threes (and has made 3). He’s also only made it to the free throw line 6 times. Six times! In four games, he is averaging less than two free throw attempts per game.

JJ Redick, who averages a little over half of the playing time of Lewis, has 15 free throw attempts in the series . . . and, is a guard and five inches shorter than Lewis. The Conference Finals expose one thing for sure—who in the NBA is a man. Who is willing to go down and bruise and muscle around and battle?

Rashard Lewis thinks he’s Terry Porter and can just sit outside and be a sharp shooter. Well, guess what Rashard? You’re 6 feet 10 inches. Introduce yourself to the paint. DBSF knows it’s weird, it’s a different color than much of the rest of the basketball court, and a lot of guys crowd around it. But, unless you’re playing one-on-one with Mehmet Okur you’re not helping anybody by chucking threes and running wind sprints between the top of the keys.

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  1. rickey lewis got a soul patch. rickey lewis ain't goin in no paint.