Thursday, May 6, 2010

But, you have a Gun: Analysis on the Crises in Greece

The current financial crises in Greece sent the stock market plunging today. Financial analysts and foreign experts are continuing to debate the options to help the country achieve fiscal solvency and some form of stability. Although DBSF has minimal macroeconomic training, evidence from today's newspapers suggests one obvious problem.

Notice the picture above. Is there anything wrong with it? (Besides the rioting.) Yes, that's right. The police officer with the gun is full on sprinting from two bros with sticks. Grant it, taking a stickball stick to the sternum is probably quite painful, but that doesn't hide the fact that A) you're a police officer, and B) you have a gun.

He doesn't even have to fire the gun at the stick-wielding rioters. Simply pointing it at the target, or much less just waiving it in the air gets bammas on the floor. Did this guy sleep through the gun session in rookie training or something? DBSF recognizes that this is only one picture and, thus, it would be imprudent to make generalizations about an entire country. But, if Greece came asking DBSF for however many tens of billions of Euros to bail them out, DBSF would have to pull out some Milton Friedman free-market rhetoric, or claim to have all of his money "tied up in some things".


  1. Pop quiz hot shot. You have 1 hipster in ill fitting pants/shirt combo with a "loaded" tennis racket and 1 REI employee with an empty wrapping paper tube with bow and ribbon coming at you full speed ahead. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO!?!?!?!

  2. Distract them with news of a sale on deep Vs at american apparel?

  3. DBSF suggests bewildering them with a question on fixed gear bikes, or whatever Williamsburg trio is lighting up the blogosphere that hour.

  4. Your level of wit indicates you did NOT end cinco de mayo having races down the venice pier wearing a sombrero and no shoes. I'm making jokes at a 3rd grade level today. I hope to be fresher tomorrow.