Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010: The Analysis Begins

Unfortunately, the Dem Bammas Straight Fryin Board of Directors are still non-committal about providing the funding, and supplying the special needs (he requested two docile buffalo for security . . . buffalo have trouble living in plus 50 degree temperatures) for DBSF to provide his critical analysis in South Africa at the 2010 World Cup.

Ergo, he will likely have to function like a 1950's Walter Cronkite and report the news from a buffalo-deficient press box. On a good note, funding might come through as the board just used all of it's capital to go long on Greek bonds and BP stock. Fingers crossed.

Regardless of his presence, the World Cup analysis must commence. Today teams announced their thirty man rosters, which means DBSF will list his five favorite Brazilian soccer (pardon, futbol) names (with their pro team . . .because Yahoo! includes that information . . . why not?).

1) Julio Cesar (Inter Milan)
2) Kaka (Real Madrid)
3) Grafite (Wolfsburg)
4) Doni (AS Roma)
5) Juan (AS Roma)

Juan almost didn't make it because of "a lack of creativity". But, there you have it. Expect more expert analysis in the coming months. (In honor of the Brazilian futbol titular-bravado, DBSF will from hence on go by "Dem" on the soccer pitch.)

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  1. i love KAKA but, I will have to root for my country, Paraguay first! and Brasil, second.