Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Inverse Relationship that Exists between NBA Players' Abilities and their Fashion

DBSF has encountered too many post-game interviews of LeBron in the Kanyesque goofy sweater and glasses to wonder how an individual so adept at one of the most challenging professions in this world can exhibit such a blatant disregard for fashion. Well, Kobe took it another step in this recent photo shoot. What looks like a practical joke gone wrong on account of the prankster going home before he told the prankee about the joke, Kobe is festooned in . . . well the image pretty much speaks for itself.

This begs the question then--is it the case that as an NBA player's skills and performance increase, his sense of style decreases commensurately. DBSF believes there's only one way to verify this hypothesis--look at the great one. No player matched Jordan's greatness on the court. Therefore, if the theory holds we would expect his style to fall somewhere between Dave Coulier in the 1980s and the JNCO jeans corporation.

And, what do we have . . . exhibit B above shows that . . . that, well . . .A) Jordan bought those jeans, B) he put them on, C) under the highly unlikely circumstance that he did not encounter one mirror , or reflective surface from the time he put them on to the period the photographer took this picture he believed that they were a feasible option for a night out on the town. So, its official. The better you are at basketball, the more you dress like you steal from Rugged Warehouse.


  1. Wow. Completely true. Also very relevant for PG County local color -- this entry was just a professional way of joning on them bammas.

  2. Karl Malone rocked LA Gears. Nuff said. Oh...and in LA...there are Dwight Howard Ed Hardy billboards every 3 blocks. Check some of Superman's fashion selections. Avant gross. like totally

  3. Why are you ripping on stealing from rugged wearhouse? They have some of the finest quality baby phat fashions a girl can find.