Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NBA All PG County Team (Current)

At approximately 485 square miles, and less than 1 million people, PG County produces a disproportionately large amount of great basketball players. Take a look at any top D1 Men's or Women's college basketball team, and they likely have at least one from the county. More basketball stars come out of PG County than most metropolitan areas. Heck, there are time zones in the U.S. that don't produce the same amount of talent as PG.

Because of PG County's exceptional ability to produce talent (and because its culture serves as the genesis for this blog title), DBSF is conducting the top starting 5 PG County NBA players. This list only reflects current, active players. An all time list will follow (so, save your Danny Ferry and Michael Sweetney comments). Admittedly, this list will need editing. Please offer any rebuttals or suggestions and DBSF will post an official all-time, active PG County NBA roster later.

Point Guard: Ty Lawson (Nuggets)
A stud in college, the Nuggets guard averaged over 8 points, and 3 assists in 20 minutes of play his rookie season. He shot over 50%, which is amazing considering many rookie guards (i.e., Brandon Jennings) aspire to shoot 40%. Lawson is so quick that he usually appears only as a blur on most pre-1990 television sets.

Shooting Guard: Delonte West (Cavaliers)
Ol' Desperado. At his peak he was a 12 ppg, 3 rbg, and 3 apg guy. He's undersized for the 2 at 6'3" but he straps (i.e., plays defense). He also prefers a three-wheel motor cycle to the conventional two-wheel. Ergo, he's a renegade.

Small Forward: Kevin Durant (Thunder)
In his third year, here are some numbers to ponder--30.2 ppg, 7.6 rbg, 90%ft (goes to the line 10 times a game too), 1.4 spg, and 47% ft%.

Power Forward: Jeff Green (Thunder)
Northwestern High's own. He's a 15 and 6 guy but, DBSF would like to see his FG% and assists increase, which would start to distinguish him as one of the better players in the NBA.

Center: Michael Beasley (Heat)
Beasley's underperformed thus far in his NBA career but he's still a 15 and 6 guy in his second year. Should DWade leave Miami to take 25 shots a game somewhere else expect Beasley's numbers to improve. There's some indication that Beasley's affinity for blazing (PG County speak for smoking weed) is handicapping his performance.

Out by proximity: Roy Hibbert (Pacers)
Although he's actually from Queens, he stayed in PG County while in high school at Georgetown Prep (note: DBSF may have made up this last fact, he very well may have stayed in Gaithersburg . . . .we're kind of short on centers here). DBSF used to accuse Hibbert of being Shawn Bradley's long lost black twin brother, but after a 12 ppg, 6 rbg, 1.6bpg second season the critic has been silenced.

The team is slightly undersized but, its unlikely that you could come up with a better current starting 5 from a state outside of Maryland (including Baltimore--Rudy Gay), New York, and California.



  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aD37ccp1TaQ&feature=related

    looks pretty solid -- i go ahead and put delonte at the 2 and move everyone else down 1, just to keep it straight PG. Beasley is listed at 6'10, so I guess he can keep up as a center.

  2. No love for Fort Washington's Jarrett Jack?

  3. Jarrett Jack should probably be the 1 based on his existing resume. But, if DBSF projects who will have a better career, Lawson is the favorite.

  4. I got Sean Whalen @ the 2 on mine........

  5. Jarret Jack, Sean Whalen, Joe Forte, Austin Free-man, Billy Bell. Thats the real PG 5.

  6. Hibbert only was in queens as a youngin he is really from adelphi off of riggs road northern pg