Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Washington Redskins 2010-2011 Ultimate Fantasy Running Back Quartet?

With news that Donovan McNabb has persuaded the Skins management to give his old Eagle teammate, Brian Westbrook, a tryout the Skins now potentially have one of the greatest all-time fantasy backfields. If Westbrook signs with the Skins he would join Clinton Portis, Willie Parker, and Larry Johnson.

(DBSF knows what you're thinking, this is like putting Al Harrington, Stephen Davis, and Baron Davis on the same team--mathematically there are not enough shots [or, touches in the case of the Skins] in a game to keep everyone happy.)

The Skins have circumvented this problem by building an all-time fantasy backfield from 5 years ago. Sure, if Shanahan were able to get access to a Delorean these guys would all put up Gale Sayers numbers, but until Snyder comes up with the dough for a flux capacitor each fantasy-has-been will likely produce more Eric Rhett-esque numbers.

Considering Snyder was willing to shell out nine figures for someone who finds it categorically wrong to have to play in a new defensive scheme, DBSF wouldn't put acquiring the flux capacitor past the Skins owner. Anyway, nothing draws fans from Howard County and its surrounding areas, like irrational hype.

So, should the Redskins acquire a Delorean, and the necessary technology, energy sources, etc DBSF recommends that they go back to 2005-06 where they can expect Portis to run for 1,500 yards and 11 touchdowns, Parker to use his no longer existing speed to amass 1,200 rushing yards in just over 250 carries, Larry Johnson to spit his way to 1,750 yards and 20 touchdowns, and Westbrook to run and catch for over 1,200 yards. Maybe next they can bring in Derek Anderson to compete with Marc Bulger, and Jake Delhomme for the starting QB spot.


  1. F*ck that noise, Jack. Tim Tebow is a gay.

  2. Metaphysically speaking, Tim Tebow is probably the quarterback with the greatest potential in the NFL. Should we take into account quasi-relevant factors, like arm strength, or accuracy he's on par with most Cincinnati Bengal 2nd string, or New England Patriot 3rd string QBs.

  3. snyder makes some iffy calls but he's got the right idea