Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mr. DBSF, Antoine Walker, Contemplates a Return to the NBA

With gambling and other financial debts accruing, Antoine Walker has announced that he's gonna give pro-ball another go. This came as a pleasant surprise to DBSF as Antoine Walker regularly wins the annual "DBSF Community and Probity Award" for athletes who essentially only play professional sports because it supports the party lifestyle.

Walker brings a unique approach to the game. He finds the paint anathema, and he employs an avant garde interpretation of defense where it appears that he is basically never playing defense. When DBSF considers Walker's prospects, he thinks that teams will look at Walker like most financial analysts look at Uzbeki junk bonds--limited upside, virtually infinite risk.

Walker hates defense, likes to hoist ten-plus, ill-advised 3s, and often questions the "passing" rule in basketball. Therefore, you can expect to see him in a Golden State Warriors uniform this October.


  1. Remember when he airballed a 3 and went like 15% in the 3 point contest some years back. Ray, can you chime in about how you were drinking with him in South Beach 3 weeks ago?