Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Problem with NBA Players' Best Friends

Early Wednesday morning Wilson Chandler, a forward for the New York Knicks, was pulled over for driving without his lights on. When the police approached his auto they noticed the smell of marijuana, which led them to search the car and find marijuana. DBSF knows what you're thinking--yet another NBA player arrested for smoking weed in a Bentley.

But, here's the thing. Chandler explains that it wasn't his weed, but it was his best friend's who happened to be in the car with him. Ironically, this sequence of events emerges in approximately 99.99% of NBA players who get arrested for marijuana possession. It goes as follows--the NBA player gets pulled over, the car gets searched, pot is discovered, and it turns out that the player's best friend is the sole possessor of all of the weed.

DBSF has decided that NBA players literally have the worst luck of any cohort of people in the world when it comes to picking best friends, whom while you drive them around get you pulled over, and arrested for marijuana possession. It's like to make up for NBA players' spectacular physical dimensions, and amazing athletic ability, they're relegated to having best friends, whom carry weed and get everyone in the car arrested while the NBA player innocently chauffeurs his comrade around.

Perhaps its something in the genomes, or has to do with being really tall. But, DBSF can't help but be sympathetic with these innocent, talented young men and their inescapable, inherent ability to attract such nefarious companions.


  1. I see most of your logic, but found a flaw. If you are required to be tall, athletic and successful to have a best friends who f's your life up, how did Bayly end up with Jimmy?