Saturday, May 8, 2010

That Bamma Straight Fried: Goran Dragic

When DBSF learned that the Phoenix Suns drafted someone named Goran Dragic in 2008, he first wondered why the Suns would draft the bad guy from Superman II (or maybe it was Conan the Barbarian). Well, it turns out that Goran is from Yugoslavia and having an awesome last name, like Dragic, is like standard Yugoslavian protocol.

The interesting thing about Dragic is that he's not your prototypical Eastern European player, whom tend to have a cro-magnon air to them while combining gargantuan height with the celerity of a geriatric. Dragic looks like he was a starting midfielder on Princeton's soccer team, and he plays like he spent the better part of his life going one-on-one with Rajon Rondo.

Well, last night in a decisive game three win over the Spurs (the Suns being up 3-0 on the Spurs in a playoff series is almost an oxymoron in itself) Dragic dropped 26 points on 10-13 shooting (5-5 from 3-point land). What's most impressive is that he did it in just over 17 minutes of playing.

DBSF has two primary measures of scoring efficiency in the NBA. First, a player must score more points than the number of field goals he attempts. Dragic had twice the number of points as field goal attempts (a rare feat DBSF--and Dwayne Wade--can attest to). Second, a player should average about one point for every two minutes they're in the game. Dragic averaged almost 1.5 points for every 1 minute he was in the game. Verdict--That bamma straight FRIED last night.


  1. Yeah, that bamma was straight see Rajon Rondo last night?!?!?!? He had DBSF written all over him