Friday, May 28, 2010

This Kid Seems Bossy

This video's taken the Internet by squall. Huff-puff, let the baby smoke, don't let him smoke. According to the parents, the young gent doesn't respond well to an absence of cigarettes. There are tantrums and head-bangings. Free will says let the baby smoke.

But, this debate isn't what interests DBSF. Rather, its the child's look, and more specifically his demeanor. He puffs the cigarette and gazes nonchalantly like he's been doing this for fifty years. DBSF isn't sure if he can talk (even if he can DBSF has an insufficient comprehension of most Indonesian dialects), but this kid seems really bossy.

He kind of reminds DBSF of an Indonesian Soprano. Like if he told DBSF to go fetch somebody, or pick-up a package, DBSF would definitely do it. DBSF wouldn't want to get yelled at by the angry, smoking baby even if it was in Indonesian.

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