Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lee DeWyze’s Wins American Idol Despite Chin-stache

Although he has two Clay Aiken CDs, a Ruben Studdard Single, and half a Taylor Swift album, DBSF has never seen an episode of American Idol (so this is a qualified critique).

Last night apparently someone named Lee DeWyze won American Idol. This news registers for DBSF somewhere between a Des Moines traffic report, and a high school student’s thoughts on the BP oil spill in the Gulf.

What caught DBSF’s attention though was DeWyze’s choice for facial hair. DeWyze has a patch of hair beneath his chin. Considering they have make-up and production-type people who monitor contestants for stylistic faux-pas it appears that the facial hair was done on purpose.

DeWyze looks like he belongs at a Green Turtle, or a dirt bike racing event not winning some hip, young singing game show. Apparently, DeWyze’s win is just one more piece of evidence that there is life between America’s coastal cities.


  1. Ick. Only counts as "unsavory" though as far as trustworthiness of beards go (see image at link below - you need to zoom to read the text)

  2. Drew Storen read this article.

  3. You think American Idol is hip?! You must live in the middle of the country too.

  4. I would like to see DBSF with a soul patch.

  5. Once DBSF can grow facial hair, he will only do the super-thin chin-strap beard )no mustache)