Monday, June 7, 2010

Rondo . . . and the Big Three

DBSF makes no attempts to hid it--he's gay for Rajon Rondo. Compare Rondo's playoff stats to his fantastic regular season, and you'll understand. The only categories where he has declined in the playoffs from the regular season is in steals per game (he dropped from his NBA leading 2.3 to 2.0 . . . .pathetic), and field goal percentage (51% to 46%).

Rondo's averages for points (2.9), assists (0.1), rebounds (1.3), ft % (.005), and minutes (4.7) have all increased. Perhaps most impressively--and what is always charged to be a weakness of his game--Rondo's three-point percentage has more than doubled from a DeShawn Stevenson like 21.2% in the regular season to 46.4%. All the while Rondo leads all players in the NBA Finals with a 93 +/- (Kobe follows at 86).

This begs the question: when will the basketball media and fans start referring to Boston's stars as "Rondo and the Big Three" so as to better reflect the hierarchy of their contributions.


  1. I'll take Rondo and Big Baby vs. Ray Allen and KG in 2 on 2. I'm dead serious.

  2. rondo--2 finals in three years. best PG in the game.