Friday, June 18, 2010

Real Talk (part II): Accountability, NBA Finals

Real talk, DBSF is about accountability (and transparency and efficiency). Although his NBA Finals game 6 call was right, game 7's prognostication misfired like 18 of Kobe Bryant's shots in the game.

(Although DBSF was right about Rondo and Allen having big games . . . he was wrong about Gasol getting shut down. W/r/t Gasol's performance and the Celt's loss, DBSF will disregard the seemingly legitimate excuse that he could not foresee Kendrick Perkins' medial collateral ligament AND posterior cruciate ligament detaching in game 6.)

For the record, this counts, historically speaking, as the second DBSF misprgonosis (ever). The other time being in April 2003 when DBSF announced "mission accomplished" in regard to the fracas in Iraq--a full month prior to George William's announcement aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln**.

**Author's note: This was an especially crow-eatingly, psychologically burdensome misprognosis for DBSF as he was working as a greeter at the time at the Dunn Loring, VA Petsmart and (DBSF) opted in place of the conventional/ company directed "Welcome to Petsmart" with "Mission Accomplished". This super-patriotism--along with philosophical differences (which needn't be addressed here) between DBSF and the Dunn Loring, VA Petsmart management led to what can only be described as a premature departure from said Petsmart.

(Author's aside: it turns out that the position of greeter is far more complicated than one might assume. Patrons frequently ask questions [i.e., where can I find the Purina chow for small dogs?] that as a greeter can come as a surprise. Moments get tense when you show the Purina little dog chow-inquisitor your position description (p.d.) and indicate that no where on your p.d. does it state that you should discuss any non-greeting affairs. This normally results in a dead-eyed stare, or the question repeated only slower.)

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