Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All's Quiet on the Western Front

(So as to appease the literati contingent of readers, DBSF felt it necessary to force the occasional--albeit slightly inaccurate--literary reference.)

This June several Western European powers face elimination in round one of the World Cup--France, Greece, England, Germany, Italy, and Spain. While some of these countries are in less danger of an early exit than others (i.e., Spain and Germany) and others might be less deserving of the "power" classification (i.e., Greece), this World Cup seems to be exposing a shift in power from Old Europe to the Americas.

Among the 16 countries in first or second place of their group as of this morning, seven of the 16 teams are from North or South America (Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Estados Unidos, Paraguay, Bra-seal, and Chile). Perhaps then, DBSF wonders--could a collapse of international futbol prominence among European Union nations represent a more deleterious effect on the morale of Europeans than the current economic instability?


  1. I have a triplicate world perspective because of my Italian roots, Tunisian loyalty, and American residence.

    All the answers you need about morale based on World Cup could be answered at my niece's baptism which should be a highly joyous occasion in Italian Catholic culture.

    Evidence #1
    Me: Giuseppe, did you see the game this morning.
    Giuseppe: (Grunts) (Waves hands in disgust) (walks away)

    Evidence #2
    Mamma D burned 2 of the 5 lasagnas raising the lifetime burn tally (my lifetime) to 2 out of 328.

    Evidence #3
    Me: Well at least New Zealand didn't get that late goal.
    Antonio: (Grunts, starts to walk away, turns back around and walks back towards me) DISGRACIA!!! (walks away)

    All true stories. Let's just say morale was low.

  2. This sufficiently captures the Italian sentiment.