Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Napolean and Josephine, Then Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and Now This

Human history is littered, literally discarded upon from the rear window of a Nissan Sentra, with spectacular, even heavenly evidence of matrimony on earth. Today America's news source, TMZ, is reporting that Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox have wed in Hawaii. (Author's aside: A matrimony, which runs contrary to Ms. or now Mrs. Fox's ironic statement last week that the ever perspicacious DBSF caught on to immediately.)

This love has the potential to rival the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Countess Sophie Chotek. Or, at the very least the love of Britney Spears and that guy she married before marrying Kevin Federline. Although she will not be in Transformers 3, a cinematic loss equivalent to LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers, Mrs. Fox has now achieved the dream of every white, suburban 8 year old girl in 1991.


  1. 1-While M-Fox (I just copywrighted that) will not be in Transformers 3 I am looking forward to seeing Mick's Vegas carpool mate, Asian Billionaire Jamie, light up the big screen.

    2-Why can not not post a comment on the 'cat rides on tortoise' post? The DBSF ombudsman office has received literally between 1 and 1000 (actually 1) complaint(s) from the Adelphi area code threatening a DMSF embargo if the insensitive belittling of felines continues. The ombudsman office has added an official 3rd off-limits topic to the Taboo Memo for the writers and editors of DBSF.

    1-Brenda Walsh
    2-Disgracia of Italia
    3-Cat Bashing

  2. HTML complications (happens occasionally w/ imbedded youtube clips). A note has been made w/r/t point #2.