Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Really, the Only Reasonable Way to Handle the Situation

Fastforward to about 3:10 for the real action.

DBSF had a similar outburst at Food Lion when his three-part Archie comic book kept ringing up for half a dollar more than the stated price. Rather than baseball paraphernalia, however DBSF's tantrum involved Cinnaburst Gum, several In Touch Weekly's (all Kardashian [sp?] related), and the entire fourth aisle's collection of Energizer batteries A through D--with the exception of the 1400 C Alkaline's that were conveniently placed in a display case facing the main thoroughfare.

(Author's note: DBSF has been requested, legally speaking, to avoid the Adelphi, MD Food Lion for a period of no less than 24 months starting April 2010. An appeal in the form of a phone call to the obstinate night assistant manager has gone unreturned.)

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