Wednesday, June 16, 2010

lowercaseletters: Change We Can Believe In!

According to DBSF's analytics, the site regularly draws ten-plus hits a day from the continental U.S. of A. Never one to ignore opportunity, DBSF will capitalize on his new found influence. Plan one--politics. And, none of this American/ Western European capitalist-democaracy nonsense, rather he's going straight Stalin--consolidate power and direct the masses.

There will also, of course, a touch of North Korea's Kim Jong Il with respect to accomplishments, like golf. DBSF, like Kim Jong Il, shot a 40 the first 18 holes of golf he ever played. Unlike Kim Jong--henceforth, KJ--DBSF achieved his 40 with only 7 hole-in-ones (although three of them were on 500+ yard par fives), not 8 like KJ aka the Dear Leader.

DBSF's first priotity: encouraging all to vote lowercaseletters for DC's hottest band. Vote here.

Vote early, vote often (if you have access to multiple ip addresses), vote lowercase.


  1. We must be the hottest band in the city if we can grace DBSF.....YES!