Thursday, June 24, 2010


With Italy's embarrassing 3-2 loss to Slovakia (sp? . . . matter of fact, DBSF research team--a) is it a country, and b) if yes to a), then where? Sounds Baltic . . .) Gli Azzuri goes from the penthouse to the cellar.

Coming off winning the 2006 World Cup, little can be more disgraceful for the Italians than not making it to the second round in 2010. The "little" that can be more disgraceful includes finishing fourth in a group with Paraguay (understandable), Slovakia (YTD if it is, in fact, a country, and not some Medieval city-state), and New Zealand (a country who's claims to fame are 1) that the Lord of the Rings Trilogy were filmed there and 2) that close to 60% of Americans can identify it as either an island or a peninsula somewhere around Australia, and most likely beneath it). The only reason New Zealand made the World Cup is because Oceania consists of it, Australia, and a several hundred 200 person atolls that lack the electricity necessary to build a futbol.

The Italians gave up 5 goals in their 3 matches in a group where the next highest FIFA ranked team was Paraguay at 31 (Slovakia-34, New Zealand-78). If any group can take solace in the Italians loss, it is the French who just earned a pass (from the non-French media, at least) on explaining how they lost to South Africa and finished fourth in their group as well.


  1. Dear DBSF,

    Since I estimate that I compose 40-50% of your readership (depending on whether you currently have 2 or 2.5 readers), I feel it is important that you know the above post is strike 2 and strike 3 will result in the aforementioned denial-of-service attack that will shut down your blog for an inordinate amount of time.

    I am just the DBSF ombudsman, and would never claim to be an editor. I feel all topics no matter how trivial, offensive, or ridiculous are open game, EXCEPT -

    1) Disparaging remarks about the old country
    2) Any remarks, comments, disparaging OR positive about Brenda Walsh. Don't even look in her direction.

    600,000,000 Asians across the Pacific Rim stand ready to put the attack into motion. Your move.

  2. Technically this isn't disparaging the Old Country. It is disparaging a team that let down the Old Country. That being said your official title has been changed to DBSF Ombudsman and Brenda Walsh Afficianado.