Friday, June 11, 2010

DBSF World Cup Rankings

With the World Cup beginning today, a disproportionate amount of DBSF "coverage" will be dedicated to international futbol over the next month. While this might seem odd for an outlet that tends to focus on basketball (it is the NBA Finals) and smoking Malaysian babies (who is down to 15 cigarettes a day . . . it turns out to get a baby to stop smoking you just have to not give him cigarettes), DBSF believes the World Cup is the Mecca of sporting events.

The World Cup is the Final Four times the Superbowl times the BCS times the NBA Finals squared . . . and on coke. With that, DBSF will rank the order of the 32 teams he is cheering for (not, who he thinks will win). (Please note the difference between DBSF's preference for the first team and the rest is, galactically speaking, huge.)

1. Estados Unidos
2. Mexico
3. Côte d'Ivoire
4. Honduras
5. Ghana
6. Argentina
7. South Africa
8. Japan
9. Chile
10. Italy
11. Paraguay
12. South Korea
13. Uruguay
14. Portugal
15. Brazil
16. Australia
17. Denmark
18. Cameroon
19. Serbia
20. Slovenia
21. New Zealand
22. Switzerland
23. Netherlands
24. Nigeria
25. France
26. Slovakia
27. Spain
28. North Korea
29. Germany
30. Algeria
31. Greece
32. England


  1. For the musicians following this blog: If you want to jam out with the rest of the world while watching the world cup, all the horns you are hearing are playing a B-flat (the funkiest of all notes). It is vague on the key signature so you can jam in Major or Minor depending on how your team is performing.

  2. There might need to be a late night WC session at a certain, undisclosed 5th floor apartment at the Oglethorpe in Hyattsville, MD.