Friday, June 25, 2010

Nominee for 'Most Despicable Job'

DBSF was perusing some low-grade, on-line tabloid chasing an appealing link promising information about a seal that would eat cigarettes and other debris at an Indonesian zoo, when at the bottom he noticed the contemptibly* titled link, "Photo of Miley Cyrus Getting out of Limo without Underwear Believed to be False."

Apparently there is an individual who spends time in his/ her life photo-shopping away the undergarments in images of Miley Cyrus and other female starlets. DBSF has to believe that under no circumstance are such ignominious endeavors the goal of any parent, God, or public-private educational institution. Thus, this function--which presumably is not a sole function but likely one of many disreputable duties that make up an inherently abominable profession--has earned itself DBSF's distinction of 'most despicable job'.

*DBSF recognizes that those with a penchant for nymphets might find this link desirable rather than contemptible. DBSF, however, associates Cyrus with the MMA/ mass-consumer/ Dane Cook culture that he finds inversely related to the desire to exist. (And, thus, the 'contemptible' designation.)

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