Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NBA Finals Game 6 Recap: Note to Celtics' Bench--You Play for the Team with the Green Jerseys

Over 99 total minutes of basketball, the Celtics' bench offered a most Deshawn Stevensonesque* performance in Game 6. Supposedly a point of strength over the Lakers, the Celts' bench combined for 4-26 shooting (i.e., just a hair short of 15.4%), a 0.6 assist-to-turnover ratio, and an impressive 13 fouls.

Apparently Luke Walton, Josh Powell, and DJ Mbenga--yes, he's still in the league (he's the guy on the bench that sits next to Adam Morrison to make the funniest-looking bench tandem in the NBA)--were too much.

If the Celts want to take Game 7 as DBSF predicts they will then weed naps will have to take place before, not during, the game.

* It might seem like DBSF has a bone to pick with DS but, he doesn't--perhaps save for some tattoo decisions. It's just that DS was like almost last in the league in FG% this year. The only people behind him took basically no shots, had names, like JamesOn, or were Joe Alexander.

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