Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA First Round Draft Recap and Analysis

1. John Wall to Wizards
The Washington sports media is already coming up with nick names for its new star. DBSF is indifferent to all of them, however the fact that his name is also a common noun makes the job particularly easy (i.e., 'The Great Wall of Chinatown') so its becoming bothersome. DBSF believes this pick should forever be compared to Chris Paul. The Wizards could have secured Paul straight-up for the pick. When healthy Paul is the best PG in the league. Wall will sell more jerseys and is younger but from a management perspective the pick is only a success if he proves to be better than Paul from here out.

2. Evan Turner to 76ers
DBSF likes Turner but he's concerned about the hype surrounding the second overall pick. In particular, it seems to be accepted that he's comparable to Brandon Roy. On an upside DBSF could see that but he likely doesn't have Roy's scoring ability to drop 50+. Turner will get good clock his rookie year and DBSF expects him to produce a respectable 14 and 6.

3. Derrick Favors to the Nets
20 and 10 one night, 3 and 3 the next. DBSF expects Favors penchant for apathy to plague his career with inconsistency.

4. Wesley Johnson to the Timberwolves
Not too many people talk about Johnson especially considering how high he was drafted. DBSF really likes this pick for the Timberwolves, and could see him becoming a John Salmons quality player with high FG%, rebounding, and consistent scoring.

5. DeMarcus Cousins to the Kings
Cousins is almost 300 lbs at 19 years old. Anyone who has been 19 knows that there is a positive relationship between age and weight. If Cousins can stay around 275 throughout his career and limit his propensity for psychosis then this could be the steal of the draft. The man-child is a freak, who could dominate.

6. Ekpe Udoh to the Warriors
Worst pick thus far. At his peak--where he will get 25-plus minutes a game to justify his selection--Udoh will probably be a six and six guy. He adds no value offensively, fortunately the Warriors don't need another shooter. Udoh could stick around in the League if he hustles, develops as a rebounder, and plays good D.

7. Greg Monroe to the Pistons
Good pick and Monroe should fit well in the Pistons system. He's not a great athlete and probably wouldn't fit well in a run and gun so it makes sense that the Warriors passed on him. Monroe's size and ability to pass justify him as a lottery pick. If he can develop a jump shot and move quicker with the ball he could become an all-star caliber player. Most likely a career 12 and 8 guy.

8. Al-Farouq Aminu to the LA Clippers
Clippers management suffers from amnesia apparently. Just last year they drafted Blake Griffin number 1, who plays the same position as Aminu. For those who those who think Aminu is going to be a 3 in the NBA, they have not seen him play. He can't shoot and plays poor D. Do you want that combo lining up across from LeBron? DBSF wouldn't like it lining up across from Dominic McGuire. If it weren't for Udoh, this would be the worst pick of the first round.

9. Gordon Hayward to the Jazz
DBSF will say it--if he wasn't white, the Jazz wouldn't taken him this high. He'll help sell tickets in a city that usually hovers around 97% white. He's Kyle Korver minus the shot. And, for those who don't follow the NBA closely, the only reason Kyle Korver is in the League (and on the Jazz) is because he can shoot.

10. Paul George to the Pacers
The Pacers locked down their 8th 6'7" combo guard-forward. Now if they can only find someone to bring the ball up the court and rebound. Why not give George the option every four or five game to hoist 25 shots when the Pacers are losing the the Bobcats by 25 in the second half? This pick classifies as 'no value added'.

11. Cole Aldrich to the Hornets then Thunder
DBSF has always been high on Aldrich as a long, defensive big man. He's going to fit very well with the Thunder where he will be required to grab rebound, disrupt shots, and never--under any circumstance--shoot the ball. Oklahoma City pillaged the Hornets in this deal (although the Hornet's owner is just trying to cut costs in hopes of selling the team so it was more of a gimme than a pillaging).

Let's speed it along here a little, shall we?

13. Ed Davis to Toronto
Long. Athletic. Can't shoot. Lacks drive. Where have we heard this before? (Answer: About 75% of 19 year old 6'10"-plus lottery pick PFs in the last 15 years.) The Raptors management are playing a cruel, cruel joke on their fans if this is the replacement for Chris Bosh.

17. Kevin Seraphin to the Bulls then (presumably) the Wizards
The Wizards need a bruiser-rebounder with size and although Seraphin is only 6'9" he has a 7+ foot wing span (but doesn't also John Wall?). At 19 he's a work in progress, which basically means he's big and athletic but he sucks at basketball. As a Wizard's fan DBSF hopes Seraphin pans out but pretty much every European big man in the NBA faints at the idea of playing in the paint so DBSF is reserved in his expectations.

18. Eric Bledsoe to the Thunder

20. James Anderson to the Spurs
This is exactly why the Spurs are always in the playoffs--they know how to draft. As a basketball player (which is what this draft is about, right?), Anderson is probably better than 15 players drafted ahead of him. He's an excellent scorer and he can shoot (Rivals thinks on a plus side Anderson could be a Michael Redd), which will fit well with the Spurs (think a younger Michael Finley).

28. Grievis Vasquez to the Grizzlies
As a Terps fan DBSF is obviously biased here, but while Vasquez lacks the athleticism that makes pathetic 6'10" basketball players lottery picks, he possesses two important intangibles: he's a 6'7" true PG, and he wins games. While DBSF is sure that Al-Farouq Aminu can run around cones from baseline to baseline much faster than Vasquez if anyone witnessed the end of the ACC season or the ACC tournament (Aminu pulled a psychic Houdini in that he was literally only physically present at games) where Vasquez played with fantastic intensity and leadership, they would be shocked at the order in which the two players were drafted. It's going to take Vasquez three years to catch up with the NBA game but DBSF believes he will be a ten-year starter for some team (although he will never be all-star caliber).

That's it for the first round . . .

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