Wednesday, June 2, 2010

But, Lawrence how do you remember that it was 41?

LT's draft memory: 41 beers

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Lawrence Taylor admitted to not remembering much of the day he was drafted because he dranks 41 Coors Lights.

This brings up two thoughts for DBSF: 1) For the person who doesn't prioritize drinking above the mundane, like attending work, or have multiple methods for alleviating myriad hang-overs, an obvious question arises--how, if you forgot most everything else, do you remember the specific number of beers? (Answer: When drinking for sport and after an individual hits twenty beers and is still feeling life, counting becomes a priority analgous to breathing and blinking).

2) Coors Lights--DBSF's favorite domestic light beer--will be designated "LT Lights" while consumed during the NFL draft forthwith.


  1. when power-drinking/turbo-partying, one usually catches a second wind around beer 25. so i can def see how LT knocked down 41. respect.

  2. It's like mega-long distance runners who come into a zone where they can block out pain and the environs . . . except its more of blocking out memory and the ability to pronunciate.