Monday, June 14, 2010

NBA Finals: Game 6 and 7 Predictions

What most people missed about Kobe's 38 in Game 5 was that he was -6 in the game. The only Laker in the plus was Lamar Odom (+7 in 26 minutes). Rondo and the Big Three-save Allen to a degree, and Rajon's 7 turnovers--powered the win.

DBSF predicts a Lakers win in Game 6. Bynum is clearly affected by his knee injury (he also had the lowest +/- at -12 in Game 5) and the Lakers will probably have to reconfigure their line-up (i.e., more minutes for Odom) to accommodate the injury. Garnett seems to have regained control of Gasol but, DBSF expects Gasol to have a breakout in Game 6.

In Game 7, the Celts will bounce back and take it on strong performances from Ray Allen--who's Michael Finley impression has made him futile since Game 2--and Rajon Rondo. Kobe will probably score 30-plus in Game 7 but he'll also take close to thirty shots. Unless Odom or Artest can have a breakout offensive game (DBSF doesn't see Gasol having back-to-back games on Garnett), the Lakers won't have enough fire power.

There it is. Another season, another reason for Sportscenter to push down our throats. Believe DBSF, he wouldn't have it this way if he could. If it were up to him, Adam Morrison and Brian Scalabrine would be chucking 40 shots each a game until the series ended in a tie on account deplorability.

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  1. celtics staples vacation game 6. if sheedy has 8-12 points in game 7 celts win.