Thursday, June 17, 2010

Real Talk, Redskins Tryin' to get Some that Money Back

After requesting that their D tackle play nose guard in a 3-4 in what equates to a spit in the face and behind the back punch to the groin for Albert Haynesworth (and only Albert Haynesworth), the Redskins DT found the offense so egregious that he purposely missed the team's mandatory mini-camp to get in one more day of what DBSF imagines is likely uninspired XBox 360 play.

In reaction to his non-attendance, the AP is reporting that the Redskins are trying to recoup some of the $21 million in guaranteed money that they paid him to fake cramps and get overweight. Basically, new Redskins' head coach, Mike Shanahan, said "Albert, real talk, I'm gonna need some of that money back." Real talk indeed. (Editor's note: DBSF's editorial review board is still uncertain of Shanahan's use of the term "real talk". Verification forthcoming.)


  1. I can corroborate that Mike Shanahan said "real talk". Run it without caveats and if you get any flack just refer people to the ombudsman office.