Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DBSF 2010 Mock NBA Darft.v1

Because there's probably nothing easier to blog about than making a list of which usually only the first 3 or 4 selections are of any consequence, DBSF will abuse his first amendment rights.

1. Washington Wizards -- John Wall (Kentucky)
This will represent a step-up from Shaun Livingston at the PG for the Wizards, who last year at this time was participating in a most-intense slam-off session with DBSF on NBA 2K8 on the PS3 (DBSF had misplaced his NBA 2K9).

2. Philadelphia 76ers -- Evan Turner (Ohio State)
The one other sure-shot in the draft. Perhaps the great irony will be that Turner will be averaging 17 and 6 on his rookie contract, while Elton Brand is still stealing $15 mil a year to make music videos we'll never (nor should we) see.

3. N.J Nets -- DeMarcus Cousins (Kentucky)
2 thoughts: (1) DeMarcus weighs 290 pounds at 19 which equals exactly twice what DBSF weighted then. DBSF would take half of his salary if offered. (2) John Callipari not being able to win with this talent (2 projected lottery picks, 4/ 5 potential first round picks) officially classifies him as "not an X's and O's type guy".

4. Minnesota Timberwolves -- Wesley Johnson (Syracuse)
Most people would say Favors here but the Wolves already have Al Jefferson and Kevin Love at the 4 and 5. Corey Brewer plays D, but offense still seems a foreign concept to him. Advantage Johnson.

5. Sacramento Kings -- Derrick Favors (Georgia Tech)
Some people might think this was the steal of the draft. DBSF thinks this won't be the case. Here's why: Favors will lead the NBA in "them youngins don't be passin' me the ball 'nuff" complaints to anonymous assistant coach.

6. Golden State Warriors -- Al-Farouq Aminu (Wake Forest)
Why not Ed Davis? DBSF will tell you why--if you're not good at college basketball, you're probably not going to be that good at professional basketball. This isn't to say that Aminu will be any good but he will fit into Golden State's system of running up and down the court, taking ill-advised shots, and tying one's shoes during defense.

7. Detroit Pistons -- Cole Aldrich (Kansas)
They play slow, he lives slow. He offers little offense but he may be the best defensive big man in this draft (he averaged 9.8 rbg, and 3.5 bpg as a junior). This pick will ensure that NBC, ESPN and TNT will not pick up a single Pistons' game for a minimum of 4 seasons.

8. LA Clippers -- Ed Davis (North Carolina)
The Clippers have a history of picking poorly. Because Blake Griffin was injured all last season they probably have already forgotten that they picked a 4 last season. Ed Davis is basically Blake Griffin minus the basketball abilities.

9. Utah Jazz -- Greg Monroe (G'Town)
Most drafts have Monroe going higher. This would probably be the best fit for Monroe's game and considering the Jazz's depth at the 4 and 5 (assuming Mehmet Okur's Achilles reattaches at some point in the off season) there won't be pressure on Monroe to perform immediately.

10. Indiana Pacers -- Xavier Henry (Kansas)
Much like Ed Davis he wasn't a particularly impressive college player (in terms of lottery picks). And, much like Ed Davis he probably won't do much in the pros. Congratulations Danny Granger you may continue hoisting 25 shots a game.

11. . . . Sure there are late-draft Darren Collison's and Michael Redd's every five or six years, but you don't really expect DBSF to know if there's one in this class, do you?

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  1. Don "Donny Buckets" Maclean is the most underrated Bullet ever.