Friday, June 18, 2010

Ron Artest's Perfect Thank You Speach

Aspiring national champions and Hollywood-block-buster-drama thespians, and accomplishers in general should take a note from Artest's post-game interview. Notice he doesn't pull from some subconscious cue card, and thank a) God, b) his family, c) his friends, or d) his teammates.

Rather, he thanks his neighborhood and his psychiatrist. And . . . and in an impromptu post script he informs the televiewing audience that his (music) single will be coming out soon. Geographical and Medical props and conspicuous marketing. Efficient.


  1. Ron Artest's life is a very delicate balance. If he bought a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos from a vending machine and they got stuck on the coil not even his psychiatrist (Dr. Cindy) could keep him out of a padded cell.

    Ron shanked a guy on the street once because he told him that 'What's Happening Now' was a superior show to 'What's Happening.'

  2. Artest's support for his girl-group side project was admirable. Unfortunately, we can not say the same about said girl-group's work.

  3. Is there a hidden meaning to misspelling SPEECH, or do you just not have spellcheck.