Friday, October 1, 2010

Rams RB Steven Jackson Unsure if He Will Play on Sunday

The AP is reporting that a groin injury has led St. Louis Rams' RB Steven Jackson to be uncertain if he will play on Sunday against Seattle. Yeah, groin injury. Sure, sure. But, there's also the issue of A) you play for the Rams, and B) that Sam Bradford's primary threat to opposing defenses is that he will expose just how poor NFL defensive backs are at catching footballs.

So, you mean to tell DBSF that Jackson doesn't want to go out on Sunday and face 10 in the box, and have to break three tackles to make it to the line of scrimmage? Opposing teams are so indifferent to the Rams Pan-Am quality aerial brigade that they usually only cover one receiver and assume that Bradford will either fail to check-down and simply murder-stare his one-receiver, or that he'll throw one of those balls where the only feasible recipient is a heavy-set guy in a team golf-shirt with a headset holding a laminated piece of legal paper with 600 plays on it.

But, the good news for Jackson is that Bradford isn't the Carolina Panthers' Jimmy Clausen. Clausen combines the accuracy of Tavaris Jackson with the decision-making of Heath Schuler. Most teams don't even send out a defense when the Panthers are on offense. They just throw out there special teams and let their kick returner call plays until 4th and 16 rolls around.


  1. gotta give bradford respect when he calls his own number--qb dive on 3rd and 11.

  2. Man, this historical list sure begs to scream hindsight is 20/20. In DBSFs' case, you were just straight wrong bama. SJ sorta fried and Bradford is straight frying bammas.

    On a similar note: The schmeagles are who we thought they were! HTTR! Coming after those bammas ass G-Men now.