Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brian Bosworth: Back in the Spotlight, kinda

Last week hyper-American Brian Bosworth was back in the news. Although DBSF didn't click on the link, presumably his most recent fame was probably for writing bad checks, possessing files on a hard drive that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has made explicitly clear that no one is to possess, or for steroids. (Actually, yawn, it was about some college player-pro agent connection. If its not about a Jonas brother or a Kardashian, it's just not news to DBSF anymore.)

Now for those unfamiliar with "the Bos" (a DBSF-anointed sobriquet) he was Ronald Reagan/ super-capitalism/ Cold War because nobody else wants to fight us Americano-machismo rolled into one. And then multiplied, and exponentiated, and likely exponentiated another time. He was Horatio Alger on steroids with a mullet.

But, all this is beside the point. Bos's newfound--albeit unwanted--popularity conjured images of cut-off tees and lines running along the side of the head for DBSF. So in honor of Bos DBSF presents a short gallery of, well, a man that makes Jeremy Shockey (as close as the NFL has to a duel MMA and NASCAR champ) look like Tony Parker (a Frenchman married to a non-Kardashian celebrity).

Gay didn't exist in the 80's.

Bos just wants to have fu-un.

My sideburns. Mine are the best. Not yours. Mine.

What do you mean they messed up my lines? Is the mullet still there?

So, Howie Long turned down this role? And Bob Golic too? Whatever. Can I at least keep the earing until they finish post-production?


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  2. Horatio Alger on steroids with a mullet. Gold.

    P.S. Bob Golic can't hold a candle to his brother, Mike Golic, from SBTB The New Class.

  3. Not only are you an uncle tyrone you are a communist that hates freedom.

    You, sir, are a habitual line crosser.

  4. uncle tyrone bhbhabhbahbahbbhahahbahbahbhabhbhab

    this guy should get royalties from lundgren