Thursday, October 28, 2010

Are there Qualifications for having a Manager?

The AP is reporting that Jenn Sterger (likely a former model-cum-cocktail waitress-cum-something internet-bikini related), the woman who allegedly received lewd photos from Brett Favre, is considering talking with the NFL about the incident. (Presumably she has withheld thus far so the name "Jenn Sterger" can trend on Yahoo! for an extra week.)

This of course is non-news as there is no mention of the Kardashian that didn't date Reggie Bush or marry Lamar Odom, nor is there any mention of an anaconda swallowing a villager. But, what stuck out to DBSF is how this news made it to the AP--through Jenn's manager.

So, let DBSF get this straight. Brett Favre throws the old Blackberry down the pants and catches ball and probably 2/3 shaft then forwards said picture and that justifies you having a manager? What if Brett dialed the wrong number by one digit and got some receptionist at Motel 8's cell phone. Does the Motel 8 receptionist need a manager?

Presumably this manager is in it for some financial reward. But, last time DBSF checked a 35 pixel shot of hairy groin isn't pulling top offers on Ebay even if it is the groin of the NFL's most annoying QB.


  1. "Brett Favre throws the old Blackberry down the pants and catches ball"

    At least there is still someplace that Favre can throw and a ball gets caught. I'll be here all weak, try the veal.

  2. throwing picks and sextin dicks