Friday, October 1, 2010

Jumping the Shark Quickie - Duck Tales

by: the Admiral

Jumping the Shark
The beginning of the end for a television program where the plot spins off into absurd story lines and ridiculous characterizations. The term refers to the episode of Happy Days where Fonzi literally jumped a shark.

Some might think that Fenton Crackshell "aka Gizmoduck" was the death knell of Duck Tales, but those in the know can tell you that the once brilliant cartoon jumped the shark with the introduction of Bubba the Caveduck.

That's all I have to say; it's called a Quickie for a reason.


  1. I came here looking for some ammo to berate you with, Admiral. But all I can say is, well done. I'd like to put in a formal request for more Jump the Shark entries.